Městské Divadlo Kladno


Městské Divadlo Kladno (Kladno City Theatre) seeked a new identity. They has decided to tender it, so when I heard about the competition for the first time, I was immediately determined to participate. Not because I wanted to win so much, but rather I did not want to miss such an interesting project, which undoubtedly theatre identity is. So I started to research and found one interesting word, among others, EMOTIONS. The reason is obvious. Emotions are the driving force of the performance. Well, after all, it is the reason why so many theatres has the mask in its logo. But my goal wasn't to make another logo with masks. Not that I didn't like it, vice versa I recently caught this beautiful logo, but I wanted to have a completely different approach. So, after a few weeks of sketching and pointless clicking, I found a way that I liked and that you can see for your self. The main idea of the logotype, and in fact a whole concept, is audience. You have surely discovered that at a glance. But it's not just about the audience. It's about individual people as well as their experience and enjoyment of the performance. This is the reason, why the logotype is splitted into fragments, that together works as one. Those fragments are unique and at the same time, part of the crowd. Like the people in theater, which they shapes. There is no theatre without people. And those people are also the reason, why the identity is so colorful and contrast.