ALIES is a shortcut for "Alliance for energy self-sufficiency". Main goal of the organization is enlightenment, promotion of modern trends and education in the field of clean energy sources. The task of this project was to create a logotype that clearly communicates focus of the alliance—renewable energy sources. Even this proposal was not chosen by the client, I personally really like it because of it's minimalism and clear message that brings together. Brand idea comes from a symbol of energy used in physics—E. So i took this symbol, found good typography, merged it together and polished it. Large spaces between the letters well relieve the logo and along with green color it clearly refer to the labor specialization. The final brand looks clear and simple. For the needs of presentation I then created a few simple examples that shows application of the logotype and how to handle the E symbol. One of the example, which can be taken as a basis of corporate style, are patterns that I've done to reflect four types of alternative energy sources. Those patterns are in some cases used as part of the symbol. They don't replace the logo, just expanding its use.