Noaco was one of my most ambitious project. The whole idea was born during the end of high school studies. With my classmate we thought that is not a bad idea to do a custom shirts. Because we studied graphic design, it was a great opportunity to actually try in reality, what we learned at school. The first thing to think of was the name. I still remember how I shouted "noaco", after a few beers in our favorite pub. For those, who don't speak Czech, "noaco" means "so what" or "Big deal". It was a great name for the young target group, which we aimed for. So after that, we could start doing the most entertaining part of this project—the logotype and various designs. It was a great experience, even though the project after a year or so died, because no one has time to do it for hundred percent, which is needed. It is in hibernation for now and hopefully in the near future, it will be resurrected.